Website Content

Your website content pages are your online brochure, but at the same time they are so much more than that. Their purpose is to inform visitors to your site about your products and services, and to steer the user into and through your sales funnel.

Website content pages are also vehicles for your key words and phrases, and one of the primary magnets that draw Google searchers to your site. It’s important that your website content pages:

  • Are well-written, relevant and optimized for users
  • Provide the answers to questions visitors are looking for
  • Follow best SEO practices and online copywriting conventions
  • Load quickly and contain a variety of media, such as images, video and graphics.

At the same time, you’re writing for humans, not just for algorithms, so the way you approach the subject matters too. Website content should be written in fluent, conversational language, error- and jargon-free and understandable by your target market.